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Seems like the opposition will go to the limits in persuading and convincing not mentioning misleading the voters especially those who love BN or the silent majority which at this point of time are shifting their support to BN. This trend and pattern worries the Pakatan and they are running out of ideas and strategies to implement as as act for counter measures. So what else can they do but to put ideas and written sympathetic and pathetic articles in order to gain back the support of the voters. "We vote PR because we still love BN" is a statement to me as full of crap and bull+shit. See my comment on this article which I came accross and read my view on the subject with an open heart.....

Subject: A New Malaysian Government-By Dr. Azmi Sharom.

Do your duty, circulate to every names on your list to refresh their mind and understanding. We really,really need to ensure every body iss well understood for the future of our country of 'Malaysia'.        

A New Malaysian Government  - win-win for all parties ,including BN   In full agreement with the rationale of Dr. Azmi Sharom. All Malaysians stand to gain for voting PR into Government, and BN has the the badly needed chance to clean up itself while in the Opposition, and to prepare to take over if PR does not perform!   It is a WIN-WIN for all parties!     

MNK comment: Win-win? once PR in power as we all know is being dominated by DAP, I bet you DAP will do all they can with power in their hand to surpress UMNO and malays in an effort to ensure that UMNO will never be able to rise up again. See what happened to Singapura... when PAP first came into power. What happened? What is happening in Selangor? Is it a win-win situation for BN negeri Selangor?

This article by  By Dr. Azmi Sharom, a law lecturer, well educated, well read...a person who refuses to accept what is going on, who feels the injustice not only for the Malays as he too is a Malay but for all Malaysians  ......  he is really a anak Malaysia....

Actually we will vote PR because We Still Love BN.  After all it was started by great and honest leaders of the past. Its for the good of BN that we vote for PR and for better future for the people at the same time.   What happens, when PR become New Government: We have a New Goverment with Less Experience in CORRUPTIONS  and SCANDALS..... good for people    We have a STRONG and RICH Opposition with 50 years Experience  in CORRUPTIONS and SCANDALS.  They know the ins and out of corruption and scandals, so they can better check the PR government........ also good for people and for BN   BN will do their BEST to EXPOSE those who CORRUPT, because BN has 50 years of experience inCORRUPTIONS   Final Result: RAKYAT MENANG  TWO  party system is........... BORN      We vote for CHANGE....... because we LOVE.......... MALAYSIA   "The world is a DANGEROUS place not because of people who do EVIL, but because of good people who look on and  DO NOTHING ABOUT IT"    Albert Einstein   All (including former) Malaysians must know - By Dr. Azmi Sharom If you have already watched this  (and I'm not surprised at all), just pass it on.... Dr. Azmi Sharom- All Malaysians must know.

MNK comment: Hahahah... We vote PR because We still love BN. We muslim has this believe that The Ends Doesn't Justifies The Means. One may not do evil so that good may result from it. If you love BN you will ensure BN will never be out of power and will always be the champions of the people. You measure the good and the bad of what BN has delivered and proven. Ofcourse You'll find the occasional rotten apple in every organization but that doesn't make the organization bad. The reasoning Pakatan Haram is less experience in Corruption and Scandals is full of rubish. Hellooo those in Pakatan Haram example Member of Keadilan, they are all from UMNO where they are those of oppurtunist type where due to their insincere struggle for the Malays resulting them to jump the boat for a better oppurtunity to be leaders, MPs or State assemblyman. Furthermore your head of opposition Anwar is I believe the world leading the most scandalous party leader. MNK belief if you are not experience with Corruption you will not know how to curb or to minimize the effect of corruption. You will not know how to deal with corruption. And to battle corruption from the outside where you don't have the tools and power to dictate in policy making or to impose rules and regulations will make thing worst. And to leave it to people who dont know shit about corruptions to deal with it will make thing even worst. See what is happening to Selangor, because of inexperience corruptors and greedy bunch of corruptors to gain the most in a short time of a period what they do? They sell everything! Did you see this is happening during BN days in power? Do they sell everything, Selangor assets? Example Yayasan Selangor Asrama in Kampung Pandan even though it is located in the Golden Triangle of Kuala Lumpur where the land it self cost millions of ringgit but due to the asrama is meant for the needy and poor rural dan bucolic students of Selangor it was not sold and gain profit during the Barisan Nasional days.

Malaysia has never been an Islamic State as our Constitution is very specific on it. It was the Mental Mamak (our equivalent to Singapore 's MM) who lied all the way when he declared Malaysia as an Islamic Country and therefore State in 2001.    Lim Kit Siang immediately corrected him but he being the person he is insisted that he was right. Jokers like Ling Liong Sik, Samy Vellu and Lim Keng Yaik of course did not object and quietly agreed with him and so did the other BN leaders.    This mamak has damaged our country through and through.
MM also passed the Syariah Law in Selangor in 1995  with the help of MCA, MIC, and Gerakan.

Ask MCA, MIC and Gerakan why they support an Islamic State  and passed laws to support it, and now complain that DAP is supporting an Islamic State, when DAP has never ever agreed to do so..    The evidence is beyond doubt, it is in the public domain, ask them,  the shameless ones, do they have an answer?   Worth listening to this recording. Our constitution is the most altered, amended, and modified constitution in the whole wide world.    MNK comment: Why MCA, MIC and Gerakan support Islamic State? Don't you know the social contract prior to independent? As an Assistant Professor of Law you should no better. Don't you know that in order for the Malays to give the rights of citizenship to Indians and Chinesse which was immigrants during that time, they too have to accept certain fact of the Persekutuan Tanah Melayu and one of it is that it is an Islamic State. Whether they like it or not they have to accept it and that is part of the deal. Those which are written in the Constitution are agreed and accepted by - as the writer of this article wrote "  After all it (BN)was started by great and honest leaders of the past."

We must never ever let UMNO get back their 2/3rds majority ever again. If they do, then our country will go to the dogs. UMNO will again start changing the constitution like there is no to-morrow.    It will be changed to suit UMNO, just like they changed the constitution/rules/laws to allow for gerrymandering of the consituency, where a rural constituency with an electorate of 5,000 voters is entitled to vote for one MP/DUN, whereas in urban localities, an electorate of 100,000 can only vote for one MP.    What sort of democracy do you call this? Can someone out there enlighten me. Whether you're pro-BN or pro-opposition, please, do not, in your wildest dreams ever allow UMNO their 2/3rds majority.  Don't ever let Malaysia go the way of Zimbabwe , Somali, or Myanmar .

MNK comment: 50 years of prosperity and economic growth is a proven record. So what is the writer saying those with an electorate of 5000 dont have the right to have a respresentative in the Parliment, they do not entitle for and MP/DUN? Are you indicating for example I have  2 sons one is 23 years old and one is only 5 years old, in order to be fair if I give my 23 year old son an allowance of 1000 RM for the month I should also give my 5 year old boy the same amount of money for him to do as he might as per what I allowed my 23 year old son just for the sake of "being fair"? Well my friend, that is not how Islam teaches us to be fair as per DAP mentality and mind setting Sama rasa Sama rata.... those who need the most will be given more than those who not in need where they infact should not recieve but to give as well.... 

An interesting speech by Dr. Azmi Sharom; an Assistant Professor of Law at UM. He explains the CONSTITUTION: the Malaysian supreme law. Listen to this, it's interesting and refreshing.
For people who think that only BN can govern properly. Think again. Once BN gets back their 2/3 in Parliament they will start amending the Constitution. Then we won't have the Constitution that protects ALL. Educate yourself about what the supreme law of the land says.  Then vote wisely.
Please spread this like wildfire...make it one of the most viewed. You will help educate people about our law.    We want PR not because We Love PR,  We just want a CHANGE !    

MNK comment: The article only shows they are in desperado mode now and will do anything to mislead and confuse the voters and the Rakyat with all sort of ideas and propagandas and this is a cheap attempt to do so. For those BN supporter, Keep up the good work and "Work the ground hard for BN to win" - YAB PM Najib Razak...  in the PRU13 and BN will gain 2/3 majority and we take over back those states which fell to Pakatan Haram.

Note: As this article is being flying around in emails which MNK came across with please do the same to circulate this article or this blog link to friends and foes.

Gombak!!! Gempur!!!