Tuesday, 9 August 2011


I believe most of us all who join UMNO CLUB is because of our love and adore for UMNO. We have a dream that one day when we are back for good in our homeland we will support and contribute to the UMNO struggle. Equipped with professional qualification we will be championing the UMNO cause and give back our share to society at our village. However sad to say that from my experience it is not that easy and nothing that I've learn during my days in KULN is helping me towards that direction practically. Only dreams and vision was I able to gain during my days as Club UMNO Member and Chairman. I strongly believe there is a way where we can enhance and better utilized the existence of KULN.

Below are some of the ideas or my two cent thoughts of how The KULN Secretariat might consider adopting the changes to really benefit the members of KULN for the future.

• Should hold once in every 2 years a Kelab UMNO General assembly during the period or prior to UMNO General Assembly in KL. Here they will bring up current issues and to have an Election to elect Head Chairman of UMNO CLUB, Vice Chairman and high members at secretariat/ (Malaysia) level via the election process. In order for any Chairman to stand for election he or she must obtain nomination from all the Club UMNO Chairman and there is a quota for eligibility. Eg Nomination must be more than 7 for HEAD, 5 for Vice Chairman and 3 nominations for high member. Then voting will take place to elect and fill all those position.
• This should follow exactly on UMNO Division Level Assembly and Election process.

• Issues on KULN Speech during UMNO General assembly should be submitted to Secretariat prior to General Assembly by any members of KULN and the closing entry is 2 month before UMNO General Assembly. The High UMNO Club members elected will then be responsible in identifying which is a valid and foremost issue that should be part of the KULN representative speech and work on preparing the Speech. Delivering the speech can be either the Head Chairman or person appointed by Chairman to deliver the speech. By going to this process we will plant the seeds of loyalty, faithfully, trustworthy and etc etc to the Chairman of UMNO CLUB.
• To held more activities involving public speaking, grooming, debates and character building to prepare oneself and not mere sports and entertainment activities. This a few ideas I think that the secretariat should consider to actually mirror  KULN to UMNO. Since from my personal experience with UMNO in Malaysia and my village after my days as a student ended is not as per what I've experience during my days in Kelab UMNO Jordan. It is much needed to actually prepare all the Chairmans or potential leaders from Kelab UMNO to quickly adapt and get used to the UMNO cultures and process in Malaysia.

For eg: By having the KULN General Assembly and election we are preparing the Chairman who wishes to be leaders at higher level to approach and throw out his or her ideas to persuade and convince the KULN Chairman and obtain their nominations. Here human relationship (PR), method used will be firsthand experience which you cannot gain by reading a book.
You have to actually practice it and learn from the process itself to obtain this type of knowledge. This also will help them to learn from themselves of their capability and measures oneself on how others view and accept you. One can start building network and team plus loyal supporters through this process.

For eg: A Head Chairman elected for the year 2008 with its own committee members elected and let say in 2010 the same person is holding the position as UMNO Youth Division Leader, he can then have the same KULN member and committee which is scattered throughout Malaysia during 2005 to actually support him to go for UMNO Youth State Exco members provided the 2005 KULN members are actively involved in UMNO at UMNO Branches or Division. This person is having advantages of being involved in KULN and now can make use of the advantages. One should have some sort of edge as a member of KULN. Why did we not use the connection and networking which we already had developed or able to developed during our involvement in KULN?
This KULN General Assembly should be the base ground for our UMNO Leaders to actually identify potential leaders from KULN to be groom by them to ensure the transition of the two UMNO eras can be properly plan and provide the party with wider option of;-
a) Educated, good human relation, Ex-KULN Chairman or Head of Chairman groom by UMNO Leaders
b) A leaders who climb up the UMNO ladders via true self charisma and high virtues
c)  A leader who climb up the ladder of UMNO via dirty politics or money politics.

I believe anyone with the correct state of mind and pure love of UMNO will only choose option (a) and (b). But sadly to say option (a) non- existing at the moment and option (b) we do have this type of leaders but the numbers can be counted by finger and are on the verge of extinction.
You can be very intelligent KULN Chairman with PHD/Master/ACCA and all but very arrogant and poor in human relationship which you will not discover until you undergo the process of people not voting for you and not nominating you during the General KULN Assembly. By undergoing this process you can learn from this and actually change for the better. Hopefully once you are back for good in your hometown and you feel there is a need to get involve in UMNO at your village/division. You need to be patience and strong during the first phase of getting the acceptance of the Branch Youth Members and your Youth Branch Leader. In some instances you will never be accepted at all. You have also equipped yourself with the knowledge on how you should portray yourself to your senior peers in UMNO Branches and Divisions. Don't be mistaken, seniority not by age factor but by their longer time involvement in UMNO Branches than you you who just returned home from abroad. Don't be shock when a 21 year old young man is considered senior than you are whom is already reaching 30s since you had just returned home and only got acquainted with your UMNO Branch due to  studying or working abroad for 6-8 years.

UMNO can make do not having those arrogant member/leaders in UMNO but not having those of you whom are born leaders and have gone thorough the leadership process in KULN plus having PHD/Master/ACCA will contribute to the diminishing of UMNO in the future. This is a time of need where KULN should play a bigger role to ensure the survival of UMNO in the future.