Friday, 17 June 2011


On the 10th to the 12th of June 2011, Gombak Umno Youth Training Bureau conducted a program called “Gombak Umno Youth Retreat Program 2011” at The CoolPoint Hotel, Cameron Highlands. The goal of this retreat is to eliminate any gaps and discrepancies or unrest feelings among the leaders of the youth branches of Gombak UMNO Youth and it is also intended to streamline the Gombak Umno Youth Team to face the 13th General Election which may be held soon. Retreat ideas inspired by the Gombak UMNO Division Leader Tuan Hj. Megat Zulkarnain bin Tan Sri Omardin and was taken up and realized by the Gombak Umno Youth Training Bureau, chaired by Saharuddin Muhammad Sharif @ Begar and the bureau exco members.

Retreat Program is open only to the heads of the Gombak UMNO Youth Branches but some of the Heads of UMNO Youth Branches who were unable to attend the retreat program was allowed to delegate to the Youth Branch Deputy Chief or Branch Secretary. Approximately 110 youth attended to the program from the initial target of the 120 participants. Although this program coincides with the Prime Minister visit to Dun Hulu Kelang, but given all the preparations and planning in advance has been carried out and the program was delayed several times, the Gombak UMNO Youth has no other means but to go ahead with the program.

Retreat Program was managed from start to finish by the Gombak Umno Youth Training Bureau exco members acting as facilitator without taking resources from outside. This is a platform and an excellent form of training by itself to the program committee and the exco members of the bureau in the pursuit of knowledge of handling programs / courses of this kind which we usually participate as a participant and it is carried out by the forces of the Government Agencies. The involvement and cooperation of the participants are also very encouraging probably because some of the trainees and the facilitators (exco members of the bureau), knows each other and were friends.

Despite the retreat program was conducted in a relaxing manner, it is still having such an effective impact on participants and facilitators. Participants are given and encourage to take the opportunity to express any sense of lack of faith, suggestions, views and comments and even criticism to anyone in the Gombak Umno Youth institutions to improve, strengthen and clarify all the problems if any in the Gombak Umno Youth Institution in order for us to prepare and face the 13th general election. Even Gombak Umno Division Youth chief himself has told the bureau that to encourage and do let the participants to get up voice out their thoughts and dare to criticize or speak about himself, exco members and others. Only in this way we will know whether the grassroots youth leaders love, agrees or have feelings of dissatisfaction with the way the administration of Gombak UMNO Youth.

A survey was also conducted during this retreat where all the participants were split into six groups where one group consists of about 15 participants. Together Participants expresses what the weaknesses and strengths of Gombak Umno Youth in the form of survey report. This is a step and noble and sincere efforts from Gombak Umno Youth leadership in identifying weaknesses to be improved. Congratulations Gombak Umno Youth!

However all the results and efforts in organizing this retreat program will not give any meaning if all the participants present and leaders does not really bond with the virtues shared or developed during this Retreat and enshrined in our souls what we have learned , realized, aware and declared thus promised. Like the answer given in an answer one of the question during the question and answer session "Where lies the strength of the Gombak Umno Youth?" Answer Youth Division Chief Tuan Hj. Megat Zulkarnain bin Tan Sri Omardin ... "It is in every members of Gombak Umno Youth... if each of the members is strong then Gombak Umno Youth Institution will be strong”

Gombak! Gempur !!!.....